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Awe worthy Anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Anniversary is the time to renew you and the love that you had lost in the years when you were busy with your education or working to make and meet and to  just have a life composed together. And now that you have celebrated many anniversaries together. You must be tired and bored also of the fact that you have purchased so many gifts for your girlfriend that it just doesn’t feel enough to give her the same things again and again such as roses, teddy bears, chocolates, they are romantic, but you may have given them a little too many times and this anniversary is your time to renew your romance with your girlfriend. This time you can impress her once again by falling in love with her just by using these simple and amazing tricks. 

Cook her a $20 meal

Even in times of recession you will still have some amount of money saved for both of you and whether it is not as a recession as well but to do something special for your girlfriend you could cook her a meal out of $20. That is more than enough to buy a lot of ingredients because here you’re not buying them for an entire month but you’re just buying these ingredients for a meal that both of you will share together on your anniversary. And remember more than anything in the world, women love men who can cook and it doesn’t have to be lavish. Trust me! This is the best gift that you have given her than other anniversary gifts

Gift her handmade jewelry 

There is something about handmade jewelry,

 in the work and the finishing touches you may not always get in the machine made products. Before anniversary you could actually take some jewelry making classes online or offline and learn how to make it by the way. The simplest form of jewelry to make is a pearl necklace which requires only a few things and doesn’t even require you to take a class and hardly requires 20 minutes of time from your day. So you must remember that this handmade jewelry she will adore for life and it will be one of the dearest reminisces of love that she has received until now. Make sure to buy anniversary cakes with a box of your handmade jewelry hidden inside it. 

Bake it up 

Remember the cake that your girlfriend made or her mother makes and it is fabulous that you can still not forget it stayed. You can call up the mother and ask her for a recipe or if you know what your girlfriend likes then you can just take a few baking classes or if you already know how to get along with this work then it is very simple you can bake her a wonderful cake. There’s no other way of rejoicing your love once again filled with sweet memories like baking something good for your beloved.

Personal beauty kit 

Most women have to keep up with the various beauty trends going on in the world. Now your duty is to save your girl from following on with beauty trends and pushing hurt more towards following an all natural beauty trend or routine that will help her in the long run and instead of putting so many chemicals on her skin she would be giving herself some good meals and something healthy for the skin. Now there are various skin care recipes available online like the first one should be making soaps and you can do a lot just by buying castile soap making different flavors out of it such as coffee, lavender, seabreeze, pink passion and many others like that apart from this you can make her homemade perfumes which require very few ingredients such as almond oil and essential oils in combinations whichever one you like the most or she prefers. It is also very easy to make body butters and body washes as well as sugar and salt body Scrubs that can be stored for quite a while. This will be the best Valentine’s gift that she has ever received from any man. Also do not forget to add an anniversary bouquet that’ll be like icing on cake. 

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Flavored oils

 Flavored oils are amazing days of cutting down on cooking time and also off adding lots of amazing flavors to your food at the same time and that is why you could create an amazing tray of flavored oils such as garlic, onion, spice mixed and chili. This will not only be an amazing DIY gift for her but also it will bring down on her cooking time. And every time when she will indulge eating any one of these flavored oils she will have a memory of you. 


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