Top 5 Writing Tools: Academic Essay Writing Has Now Became Easy

If you are a student who is struggling with the writing process and find it time-consuming to do all the edits and proofreading then do not worry because there are marvelous tools that will help you out during the writing process. You can write perfectly and in an organized way. Writing tools are widely used these days by teachers, freelancers, content writers, and students for their academic writing and research.

Even then most famous businessmen find it difficult to write for themselves and are found asking questions like can I have someone to look after my profile on the Wikipedia page for a business. imagine how hard it would be for a student to do all the hard work.

Writing goes through processes you just cannot write a perfect piece in one go. Editing drafts and proofreading are some steps that need to be followed before completing any writing.

Let’s discover some writing tools that bear all the burden for you.


Trinka is designed for technical and academic writing. You can register for free and avail of the use of free service it provides. Grammar check tone style and also give advanced writing tips. It suggests corrections whilst you are typing. it helps you write with conciseness and structure paragraphs. Students have given their feedback on how satisfied they are with their free service. Enhanced writing and error-free essays are now easier with Trinka.

Hemingway Editor

It is a free online editor for all the errors you make during writing. It makes your writing presentable and readable. Be it academic writing or informal writing, clarity is a major factor that needs to put focus on. By dividing the errors into 5 colors, each color represents a code for the error; red for incomprehensible sentences, similar phrases turn purple, the passive voice turns green and adverbs become blue. Isn’t it easy to use and feasible for you to write to know where you need more attention? Just copy your well-written work and paste it into a word document and you are too good to go.


When it comes to writing without worrying, Grammarly is your best friend. It ticks all the checkboxes when it comes to choosing the best writing tool. It is not only free but you can also add an extension to your PC and laptops which is completely free of cost. It is used by many professionals around the world. It will let you know if you have written redundant sentences that often make the essays look not so well written. It also has a premium version which is quite cheap considering the convenience and how handy it is to use. You can also save your work on Grammarly this option is usually not available on other tools.


It is a free online tool for writing articles, essays, or any other kind of writing you need to use it for. For students who want to boast about their writing then spinbot will help you do that. It also paraphrases for you. some words are difficult to comprehend to spinbot helps you choose the level and it converts the text according to the language fluency level. With a single click and all your errors are corrected leaving you with a perfectly written and readable article. Spin your articles and get a rewritten text which you can simply copy and paste. SEO writers also use this tool to make their articles rank on their respective websites. 100% plagiarism-free articles for unlimited time.


Authenticity is what matters when you are doing academic writing. Copied content from websites can put you in danger and brings negative markings to your results. Your teacher will have a negative impact on you. Cheating cannot be normalized even if the whole world is doing it. You can get your work checked on Turnitin so when a teacher puts your writing through the checking process it is all cleared and no plagiarism is founded. It supports 19 languages and is ranked 81st in the world’s top universities.


To sum up, writing has now become easier and with help of the online feasible tools mentioned above make it more fun and creative, the best part is they are free of cost.





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